About Us


We market our services worldwide but focus on the Southeast USA, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.


Steven H. Krams assumed full ownership and control of Continental Film in July 2007. Steve has a passion for film, & creative talent Steve supports the concept and the original spirit of the lab founded more than 40 years ago He works directly with the entire staff in order to insure the quality of the work. He seeks to reinforce his personal relationships with both Clients and Staff members as well. "There is no substitute for direct contact with the creative talent of directors and DP's, Colorists and Talent" . This insures that each production needs are answered –resulting in the best quality independent cinema and commercial production.

Continental Film commenced operations in 1966 under the name of Capital Film Laboratories. Through the years it has continued to operate on Non Stop basis providing full lab services to the Industry. Continental Film is one of the oldest and most recognized Film Laboratories in the world.

The 1960's brought IVAN Tours Studios to Miami and along with it the need for an Independent Lab. The first Tors series to find a home at the lab was "Flipper" .

In the early 1980's the Lab installed it first RANK Mark II Telecine Scanner. This was Miami first Scanner. This together with a new Sound Transfer capability it made the lab a full service company. In succession facilities and equipment were added over the years . Important items such color analyzer for print work, and both Magnetic and optical sound transfer have been added.


1991 was an important year for Continental Film. Its received its first Eastman Kodak Award for Quality Film Lab Work". It also added PAL capabilities to fulfill the needs of it European clients.


In 1992 construction on our Orlando lab was completed and opened to the industry.


Continental Film has provided over 40 years of continuous "Quality Processing" & Printing of 16-35 & 70mm Motion Picture Film.


Continental Film's general manager is Vicki Amorosi. Vicki joined the company in 1983. She has served at both the Miami and Orlando locations. She has filled many roles since her employment commenced at Continental over 25 years ago. She is the one of the most experienced and qualified individuals in the Motion Picture Lab business. She is well known and well respected by her colleagues and associates everywhere.


Continental Film was fortunate to have the experience of Nestor Garcia. Nestor stayed with the company for over 30 years. He was well versed in all aspects of the business and is known throughout Latin America as "Mr. Continental". We lost Nestor in 2009 to cancer, and miss him every day.


Our Photo Chemistry Lab is under the supervision of Fred Holy. Fred has over 30 year experience in the lab business and his presence insures the highest quality possible from our processing and printing facilities. We only get one chance to do this work right and Fred's unending quest for excellence is one of the hallmarks of Continentals reputation.


Raymond Alvarino is key to the success of your production. Raymond will be sure to attend to each and every detail of your requests and requirements. Whether its scheduling, ordering services or amenities Raymond attention to detail and pleasing his clients is sure to bring you back to CFL again and again.

There are many other fine staffers who have made their careers at CFL if you wish to learn more about them look into our web site.

We are all excited about bringing the passion for filmmaking back to South Florida. "I am making sure that the original spirit of Continental Film And Digital Labs will continue." says Continental owner Steve Krams." We want to re-connect with the craftsman. We want to work with directors and DP's to make sure that production needs are exceeded


A native New Yorker who has lived in Miami since 1955, Steve is known as a hidden force behind film in South Florida. With his many ventures such as Academy Award winning "Magna-Tech Electronic Company" , International Cinema Equipment Co. Inc.., Sunstar Theaters , and 21st Century Cinema, Steve has worked tirelessly to bring the best of world film to Florida.


It was not surprise that Steve Krams, a dedicated and passionate film professional in the city took the helm of the City of Miami's Tower Theater in 2002.

Now he has founded a not for profit corporation whose aim is to inspire and educate those interested in Cinema and have a love for this art form. This new project is undertaken with the support of the City of Coral Gables the opening of the New Coral Gables Cinemateque which will be located on Aragon Avenue directly across the street from world famous "Books and Books".