Feature Film Dailies


Rock of Ages


Rock of Ages


A small town girl and a city boy meet on the Sunset Strip, while pursuing their Hollywood dreams.


Director: Adam Shankman
Stars: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise






This list represents those movies Continental has supported with Print and/or Video Dailies. 

All of these projects were produced for Theatrical Distribution.


Ace Ventura 3 (Orlando)
Four Aces Productions / Morgan Creek Production
Producer: Wayne Morris
Director: David M. Evans
Cinematographer: Mark Irwin
The Pacifier (Key action sequences)
Buena Vista & Spyglass Entertainment
Producer: Roger Birnbaum
Director: Adam Shankmen
Cinematographer: John Debney
JuneBug (Orlando)
(Won Special Prize for Acting @ Sundance 2005)
Producer: Mike Ryan / Mindy Goldberg
Director: Phil Morrison (Epoch Films)
Director of Photography: Peter Donahue
UPM: Bryan Thomas
The Hawk Is Dying (Orlando)
Antidote Films / County Line Films
Producer: Mary Jane Skalski & Jeffery Levy Hinte
Co-Producer: Joshua Zeman
Director: Julian Goldberger
Director of Photography: Bobby Bukowski
UPM: Jon Bergholtz
Bad Boys
Producer: Bruce Dustin
Director: Michael Bay
Director of Photography: Howard Atherton
Columbia Pictures Release.
Bad Boys 2
Sony Pictures
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Director: Michael Bay
Director Of Photography: Amir Mokri
Sydney White and The Seven Dorks
Morgan Creek Production
Producers: Wayne Morris
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Cinematographer: Mark Irwin
Big Trouble
Producer: Tom Jacobson
Director: Barry Sonnonfeld
Director Of Photography: Greg Gardiner
UPM: Graham Place
Production Coordinator: Marliss Pujol
The Waterboy (Orlando)
Water Boy Productions / Touchstone Pictures
Producer: Ira Shuman
Director: Frank Coraci
Director Of Photography: Steven Bernstein
UPM: Mark Indig
Buena Vista Release
My Sexiest Year
Producers: Michael Cerenzie, Paul Parmar
Director: Howard Himilstien
Cinematographer: Richard Crudo, ASC
Goodman Brown Productions
Writer: Rob Goodman
Producer: Rob Goodman
Director: Tom Brown
Director Of Photography: Jim Pinckney
Instinct (Orlando)
Silverback Productions
Producers: Barbara Boyle & Michael Taylor
Director: John Turtletaub
Director Of Photography: Philippe Rousselot
UPM: Bill Johnson
Buena Vista Release
Lonely Hearts (Orlando)
Millennium / Equity Pictures Film
Producers: Holly Wiersma
Writer/Director: Todd Robinson
Cinematographer: Peter Levy
The Crew
Producers: Barry Josephson, Barry Sonnenfeld
Director: Michael Dinner
Director Of Photography: Juan Ruiz Anchia
UPM: Zane Weiner
2 Fast 2 Furious
Sony Pictures
Producer: Michael Fottrell
Director: John Singleton
Director Of Photography: Mathew Leonetti
Transporter 2
20th Century Fox
Producer: Robert Mark Kamen
Director: Louis Leterrier
Cinematographer: Mitchell Amundsen
Forty Shades of Blue (Orlando)
(Won The American Jury Prize @Sundance 2005)
Producer: Margot Bridger
Director: Ira Sachs
Director of Photography: Julian Whatley
Line Producer: Mike Ryan
Sunshine State
Frost Proof Productions
Producer: Maggie Renzi
Director: John Sayles
Director Of Photography: Patrick Cady
UPM: Margo Meyers
Production Coordinator: Simi Wein
First Kid
First Kid Productions
Executive Producer: Dale Dela Torre
Producer: Jeffery Chernov
Director: David Evans
Director of Photography: Tony Richmond
Buena Vista Release.
All About The Benjamins
Cube Vision
Absolute Entertainment
New Line Cinema
Producer: Ice Cube
Director: Kevin Bray
Director Of Photography: Glen MacPherson
UPM: Doug Curtis
Production Coordinator: Marliss Pujol
There's Something About Mary
Producer: Charles Wessler
Directors: Bobby & Peter Farrelly
Director Of Photography: Mark Irwin ASC, CSC
UPM: Marc Fisher
Twentieth Century Fox Release
Bully Productions
Producer: Jackie Morgan
Director: Larry Clark
Director Of Photography: Steve Gainer
UPM: Andy Schefter
Wild Things
Blue Bay Productions / Mandalay Entertainment
Producers: Rodney Liber & Steve Jones
Director: John McNaughton
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Kimball ASC
UPM: Steve Brown
Sony Pictures Release
Gone Fishin'
Fish Tale Productions
Producer: Lou Arkoff
Director: Christopher Cain
Director of Photography: Dean Semler ASC
Caravan Pictures Release.
The World Is Not Enough
Underwater / Model Sequence
Producer: Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli
Director: Michael Apted
Director Of Photography: Paul Wilson
Model Unit Production Co-ordinator: Rosie Richardson
Rocket Man
Space Cadet Productions / Caravan Pictures
Producer: Richard Prince
Director: Stewart Gillard
Director of Photography: Stephen Poster ASC
UPM: Veronique Vowell
Walt Disney Release
Sky Light Cinema (Brazil Footage)
Exec. Producer: Susan Ruskin
Producer: Beau Marks
Director: Lucho Llosa
Director of Photography: Bill Butler ASC
Columbia Pictures Release
The Perez Family
Producers: Michael Nozik & Lydia Pilcher
Director: Mira Nair
Director of Photography: Stuart Dryburgh
Samuel Goldwyn Release.
Tinder Box Films
Producers: John Maass & Paul Puig
Director: Reb Braddock
Director of Photography: Steven Berstein
Buena Vista Release.
Producer: Joe Roth
Director: Steven Brill
Director of Photography: Victor Hammer
Buena Vista Release
The Substitute
Substitute Productions
Producers: Morrie Eisenman & Jim Steele
Director: Robert Mandel
Director of Photography: Bruce Surtees
Live Entertainment Release.
Speed 2
Twentieth Century Fox Productions
Producers: Steve Perry & Jan DeBont
Director: Jan DeBont
Director of Photography: Jack Green ASC
UPMs: Jeff Downer, Buddy Enright, David Witz & Paul Moen
Twentieth Century Fox Release
Bring It On 4 (Orlando)
MFV Production/ Universal Family Productions
Producers: Wayne Morris
Director: Steve Rash
Cinematographer: Levie Isaacks
Zeus & Roxanne
Z & R Productions
Producers: Frank Price & Fred Brost
Director: George Miller
Director of Photography: David Connell
Rysher Entertainment Release
The Specialist
Producer: Jerry Weintraub
Director: Lucho Llosa
Director of Photography: Jeffery Kimball ASC
Warner Brothers Release.
Peters Entertainment
Producer: Jon Peters
Director: John Singleton
Directory of Photography: Jonny Jensen ASC
Warner Brothers Release.
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Jamaican Footage)
Producer: Debra Schindler
Director: Kevin Sullivan
Director Of Photography: Jeff Jur
UPM: Dwight Williams
Twentieth Century Fox Release
Rialto Films GMBH
Producers: Bart Rosenblatt & Al Corley
Director: Volker Schlondorff
Director of Photography: Tomas Kloss
UPM: Bart Rosenblatt
Flipper Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Lance Hool
Director: Alan Shapiro
Director of Photography: Bill Butler ASC
Universal Pictures Release.
The Walking Dead
Producer: Frank Price
Director: Preston Whitmore
Director of Photography: John Demps, Jr.
Savoy Picture Release.
Happy Campers
New Line Cinema
Producer: Denise DiNovi
Director: Daniel Waters
Director(s) Of Photography: Antonio Calvache, Elliot Davis
UPM: Beth Depati
Holy Man
Producer: Roger Birnbaum
Director: Stephen Herek
Director Of Photography: Adrian Biddle BSC
UPM: Ross Fanger
Caravan Pictures / Disney Release Release