Digital Coloring


Continental Film & Digital Labs provides various services to support your digital productions, including final color grading as well as dailies color correction of your RAW camera files and transcoding to your editor's specifications.




Conform and Final Color Grading
Digital Dailies with full Color Correction
Transcoding of RAW files for Editorial
LTO-4 and LTO-5 Tape Backups
Supported formats include: Uncompressed Quicktime, Apple ProRes, DPX, CinemaDNG, DNxHD MXF, XDCAM, DVCPROHD, DV/HDV, and MPEG4 (Canon 5D & 7D)
Supported RAW camera files: ARRI ALEXA RAW, RED R3D, Phantom CINE, Canon EOS C300, Sony F65


DaVinci Resolve with multiple GPU Processing
Panasonic Professional Plasma Monitor
Tangent Devices WAVE Control Surface


Digital Color Grading    Codex



Equipment Rentals


Codex Transfer Station M/S for Mac OS X (Datapack)

The Codex Transfer Dock M for Mac OS X (Datapack) allows you to not only clone your camera original data from a Codex Datapack but also enables you to transcode to various formats like Avid DNxHD 444 and Apple ProRes. You can also add look-up tables and burn-ins. With the addition of the Codex Disk/Tape Offloader you can make verified archives to LTO tape or external hard drives. In other words, it's an entire dailies and archiving system.

The Codex Transfer Station (S) for Mac OS X (Datapack) enables you to quickly and safely clone your camera original data onto local or network storage.

  Codex Datapack    

Codex Digital Lab

The Codex Digital Lab is a powerful, stand-alone platform for archiving digital camera originals and managing your dailies pipeline.

One or two Codex datapacks can be loaded and quickly cloned to 12TB of internal storage. The Codex Virtual File System then allows you to create a variety of industry standard deliverables such as ARI, DPX, Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes files, with or without look-up tables and burn-ins. Because the Codex Virtual File System produces native mode files, editing systems can use them without the extra step of importing, saving valuable time in the delivery of dailies. The datapacks can be archived to two LTO-5 tape drives.

The Digital Lab also provides video output via a DVS card for review or layoff to HDCAM-SR tape and can be connected to a SAN via 10GbE. Material can also be conformed from an EDL - ideal for VFX pulls or reviewing certain shots. For additional storage, two bays for Codex Storage Packs can be added as an option. Each removable Storage Pack has a capacity of 10TB.

  Codex Digital Lab